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Posted by David

More and more we hear from individuals that have great ideas but not the skills or bandwidth to build the food ordering app of their dreams. Over time we’ve collected a short list of developers and agencies that know our platform well. Today it's getting even easier to find help for development.


Today we joined the AirPair API Partner program, which helps connect technical experts quickly and painlessly with those in need. AirPair will help our users solve issues faster and unlock the full capabilities of the platform.


  • Gargoyle: Based in NYC, the Gargoyle team is expert in mobile app development. These guys get. Stuff. Done.
  • Five Minutes: With offices in NYC and Croatia, Five Minutes offers a wide range of design and development services.
  • Fueled: A premier mobile strategy, design and development shop, they’ve worked with an amazing array of brands and startups.
  • SourceFuse: With office in India, the UK and the US, this tech development shop literally works around the clock.


If you care about doing more faster, check out AirPair and our experts.

App Spotlight: Pizza The App

Posted by David

Pizza The App is an app for ordering pizza at the tap of a button. It makes ordering a pizza delivery as easy as ordering a Lyft or Uber. You create your pizza, and we route your order to our network of hand-picked local pizzerias.


What inspired you to create this app?

We were hungry in our kitchen late one night! We were like, “there should be a button for ordering pizza!”


What was the hardest moment building it?

We’ve got work cut out, so maybe our hardest moment is ahead of us :)

One of our ongoing challenges is being as reliable as possible, so we never have to turn down a customer who’s in the mood for some ‘zza. We have a network of hand-picked, highly rated pizzerias, and we’ve built a fallback system so that if a restaurant is closed or non-responsive, we route your order to another awesome local pizzeria. has been instrumental here.

We call our software stack PaaS (Pizza as a Service) - read the blog post!


How did it evolve (if at all!) from how you thought of it at the beginning to what you've launched?

It’s gotten even simpler - fewer screens, faster loading, less input needed from the user. We’re having fun seeing how far we can push this, how easy & fun we can make it to order a pizza.


What's next for the app?

We are super focused on pizza. It’s a food people love - it’s popular, delicious, shareable, and open late.

We’re constantly listening to users to find ways of making the experience even easier, more reliable, and more widespread.


What technologies and APIs did you use?

Besides, we’ve had a great relationship with Stripe, Google, Twilio, Heroku, Sendgrid, and GitHub. PizzaTheApp would not exist if not for these awesome services! This is the problem Google founder Sergey Brin wanted to solve in the 90’s, but was too difficult then so they did Google instead :)


How can people check out the app or get in touch if they want to find out more?

Want pizza? Visit -->

Find us on Snapchat/Twitter: @PizzaTheApp


Announcing the Windows 8 and Windows Phone SDK!

Posted by David

Many a startup has been more harmed than helped by working with large brands. But when Microsoft offered to work with we jumped at the chance. The result of this partnership is an SDK and reference food ordering app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. We are thrilled and you should be, too.’s mission is to power new and innovative ways for restaurants and consumers to engage and transact. Windows 8 and Phone offer unique user experiences. Developing for them unlocks imagination. We are excited to see the developer community rise to the occasion.

Many thanks to our excellent friends at Microsoft, especially EIR Tereza Nemessanyi and developer Steve Maier. These guys and their colleagues really know how to get things done with startups.

Happy hacking!

APIs as a Business Development Tool

Posted by David

When I attended my first API conference in 2010 the audience was small, super techy and asking more questions than offering answers. Everything was new and the scope of impact APIs would have was imagined, but not yet realized. Since then I have watched the API community get larger, smarter and stronger.

Last week I attended and spoke at Mashery's excellent Business of APIs conference in London. I was blown away by the quality of talks given. It was a real coming of age moment for the community. APIs unlocking corporate data to empower employees; APIs used for strategic purposes to redefine value in an industry; APIs enabling efficient international expansion; and much more.

I spoke on the power of APIs to act as a catalyst for successful business partnerships, calling APIs the most important advance in the science of business development I've ever seen. When I put together my talk I was struck that my own experience is such that I can give a do's and don't talk.

The slightly modified presentation here and please share your thoughts. This community has come so far so fast because companies like Mashery have gotten us all talking. The more we share the better we all will be.


Charlie Trotter

Posted by David

Charlie Trotter, who died this week at age 54, was one of America's best and most important chefs. A self-trained master, he single handedly inspired and trained dozens of culinary professionals. From his kitchen, these chefs, sommeliers and others have gone on to found and run some of the best kitchens in Chicago, turning a steak and potato town into one of the world's most vibrant, diverse culinary centers. 


Beyond his restaurant Charlie put his mark on the restaurant industry. Not only was he a ten time winner of James Beard Awards, but in that institution's darkest hours he lent his reputation and considerable energy to its' rebirth. When 99% of the world would have walked away, he and a tiny handful of people stepped up. 


Charlie's generosity was as grand as his tasting menus. Daily kids from the Chicago public school system were treated to a sumptuous meal in his private dining room. The kids were treated to talks on excellence, service and more.  So many children had their world's expanded because of Charlie!


There are days when I fear my reach exceeds my grasp. On those days I get inspiration from people who have proved there is no such thing as not possible. Charlie is one of those people. The community sends our condolences to his son, wife Rochelle and all who loved him. His impact lives on but we miss him still.


Meet Brooks' Place BBQ

Posted by David

There is a trailer on the side of the road in Cypress, TX surrounded by fast food restaurants and gas stations. You could drive by it if you didn’t know what you were looking for. And what are you looking for? Close your eyes and take a whiff. It’s mouth watering, fall-off-the-bone barbecue.

Trent Brooks, the man behind it all, has been cooking for customers since 2009. He got started with the barbecue business by accident, initially just to earn a little extra income. Most days now he runs out of food before he runs out of customers. But as you might expect from a man who cooks his meat for hours and hours, Trent’s taking a measured approach to the future. He wants to continue with his trailer for a few more years before he even thinks about branching out to share his barbecue with the rest of the country.

Trent is one of 14,101 restaurants that use software in some fashion. We love Brooks Place and all of our clients. And if our staff could vote on the location of our next team off-site, I suspect Cypress, TX on the corner of Barker Cypress and Rt. 529 would get a lot of votes. Trent, we’re hungry!

To learn more about Brooks Place or to order some amazing pickup, visit